Northumberland County Pennsylvania Tax Sale

In Pennsylvania, the County Tax Collector will sell Tax Deeds to winning bidders at the Northumberland County Tax Deeds sale. Generally, the minimum bid at an Northumberland County Tax Deeds sale is the amount of back taxes owed plus interest, as well as any and all costs associated with selling the property.

According to state law, the sale of Pennsylvania Tax Deeds are final and the winning bidder is conveyed either a Tax Deed or a Sheriff's Deed. The purchaser of a tax deed may transfer title through a quitclaim deed but would need a quiet title action to sell the property with a Warranty Deed (given that a Tax Deed, Sheriff's Deed, or quitclaim deed are insufficient to acquire title insurance).

Properties not sold at the Northumberland County Tax Deeds sale are transferred to Northumberland County.

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Cities located in Northumberland County Pennsylvania

The following is a list of cities and towns located in Northumberland County Pennsylvania.

Tax Deeds for properties located in the following cities are sold at the Northumberland County Pennsylvania tax sale.

Town/City:  Population: 
Anthony, PA  2,274
Atlas, PA  8,144
Augustaville, PA  17,326
Bear Gap, PA  3,997
Bear Valley, PA  9,999
Boydtown, PA  9,999
Camp Grove, PA  2,058
Chillisquaque, PA  649
Coal, PA  9,999
Coal Run, PA  10,525
Coal Township, PA  10,525
Comly, PA  2,274
Connersville, PA  8,144
Dalmatia, PA  1,604
Delaware Run, PA  6,730
Dewart, PA  259
Diamondtown, PA  8,144
Dooleyville, PA  8,144
Dornsife, PA  1,187
Doutyville, PA  9,999
Dunkelbergers, PA  9,999
E Chillisquaq, PA  11,442
E Lewisburg, PA  11,442
Elysburg, PA  3,997
Excelsior, PA  10,525
Fisherdale, PA  3,997
Fishers Ferry, PA  17,326
Goosetown, PA  6,730
Gowen City, PA  9,999
Greenbrier, PA  136
Happy Valley, PA  3,997
Hebe, PA  2,058
Herndon, PA  2,058
Hunter, PA  9,999
Island Park, PA  17,326
Kapp Heights, PA  7,440
Klines Grove, PA  17,326
Knoebels Grv, PA  3,997
Kulpmont, PA  3,484
Leck Kill, PA  292
Leckkill, PA  292
Limestonevle, PA  11,442
Lithia Sprs, PA  7,440
Little Mahany, PA  1,187
Locust Gap, PA  446
Lower Augusta, PA  17,326
Luke Fidler, PA  9,999
Mandata, PA  2,058
Marion Height, PA  737
Marion Heights, PA  737
Marshallton, PA  9,999
Mc Ewensville, PA  313
Mcewensville, PA  313
Meadowview, PA  1,300
Merrian, PA  8,144
Mile Hill, PA  17,326
Mile Run, PA  17,326
Milton, PA  11,442
Montandon, PA  649
Mount Carmel, PA  8,144
Mt Carmel, PA  8,144
Mt Carmel Township, PA  8,144
Natalie, PA  8,144
Northumberland, PA  7,440
Northumberlnd, PA  7,440
Oak Park, PA  7,440
Oaklyn, PA  17,326
Paxinos, PA  1,300
Potts Grove, PA  122
Pottsgrove, PA  122
Ralpho, PA  9,999
Ranshaw, PA  10,525
Rebuck, PA  136
Red Cross, PA  1,187
Reed Station, PA  1,300
Reeders Grove, PA  3,997
Riverside, PA  1,119
Rockefeller, PA  17,326
Sagon, PA  9,999
Schuyler, PA  2,274
Sevenpoints, PA  17,326
Shamokin, PA  9,999
Stonington, PA  17,326
Strong, PA  8,144
Sunbury, PA  17,326
Sunnyside, PA  9,999
Tharptown, PA  9,999
Trevorton, PA  2,013
Turbotville, PA  2,274
Upper Augusta, PA  17,326
Upper Mahanoy, PA  292
Urban, PA  2,058
W Chillisquaq, PA  649
Watsontown, PA  6,730
Watsonville, PA  6,730
Weigh Scale, PA  9,999
West Cameron, PA  9,999
Wolverton, PA  1,119

Counties located in Pennsylvania

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Tax Deeds for properties located in the following counties are sold at Pennsylvania county tax sales.

Learn more about each county's individual tax sale process by clicking on the name of the county for which you are interested from the list below:

County / Municipality:  Population: 
Adams County, PA  91,292
Allegheny County, PA  1,281,666
Armstrong County, PA  72,392
Beaver County, PA  181,412
Bedford County, PA  49,984
Berks County, PA  373,638
Blair County, PA  129,144
Bradford County, PA  62,761
Bucks County, PA  597,635
Butler County, PA  174,083
Cambria County, PA  152,598
Cameron County, PA  5,974
Carbon County, PA  58,802
Centre County, PA  135,758
Chester County, PA  433,501
Clarion County, PA  41,765
Clearfield County, PA  83,382
Clinton County, PA  37,914
Columbia County, PA  64,151
Crawford County, PA  90,366
Cumberland County, PA  213,674
Dauphin County, PA  251,798
Delaware County, PA  550,864
Elk County, PA  35,112
Erie County, PA  280,843
Fayette County, PA  148,644
Forest County, PA  4,946
Franklin County, PA  129,313
Fulton County, PA  14,261
Greene County, PA  40,672
Huntingdon County, PA  45,586
Indiana County, PA  89,605
Jefferson County, PA  45,932
Juniata County, PA  22,821
Lackawanna County, PA  213,295
Lancaster County, PA  470,658
Lawrence County, PA  94,643
Lebanon County, PA  120,327
Lehigh County, PA  312,090
Luzerne County, PA  319,250
Lycoming County, PA  120,044
Mckean County, PA  45,936
Mercer County, PA  120,293
Mifflin County, PA  46,486
Monroe County, PA  138,687
Montgomery County, PA  750,097
Montour County, PA  18,236
Northampton County, PA  267,066
Northumberland County, PA  94,556
Perry County, PA  43,602
Philadelphia County, PA  1,517,550
Pike County, PA  46,302
Potter County, PA  18,080
Schuylkill County, PA  150,336
Snyder County, PA  37,546
Somerset County, PA  80,023
Sullivan County, PA  6,556
Susquehanna County, PA  42,238
Tioga County, PA  41,373
Union County, PA  41,624
Venango County, PA  57,565
Warren County, PA  43,863
Washington County, PA  202,897
Wayne County, PA  47,722
Westmoreland County, PA  369,993
Wyoming County, PA  28,080
York County, PA  381,751

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Northumberland County, PA

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