Information on Buying Missouri Tax Lien Certificates and Earning High-Interest Fixed By State Law

In Missouri, county treasurer's and tax collector's sell Missouri tax lien certificates to the winning bidder at the delinquent property tax sale.

Tax Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificates (Sec. 140.290 New Window)

Contact: County Tax Collector (Sec. 140.010 New Window)

Interest Rate: 10% per annum (8% on subsequent taxes) (Sec. 140.340 New Window)

Bid Procedure: Premium Bid (Sec. 140.190 New Window Sec. 140.250 New Window)

Redemption Period: One (1) year (Sec. 140.330 New Window)

Law: Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 140, "Collection of Delinquent Taxes Generally," and Chapter 141, "Delinquent Taxes -- First Class Counties and St. Louis City." New Window

Additional Notes:

Charter Counties. According to (Sec. 18 (a) New Window ) of the Missouri Constitution any 'county having more than 85,000 inhabitants, according to the census of the United States, may frame and adopt and amend a charter for its own government'.

In addition, counties 'which adopt or which have adopted a charter or constitutional form of government shall be a separate class of counties outside of the classification system established under section 8 of this article'.

In conclusion, any county with a population of 85,000 or more may adopt a different process for the collection of delinquent property taxes. Therefore, prior to purchase, contact county officials for the specifics on how delinquent property taxes are handled in that specific county.

Sale to Non-Residents According to (Sec. 140.190 New Window) no 'bid shall be received from any person not a resident of the state of Missouri until such person shall file with said collector an agreement in writing consenting to the jurisdiction of the circuit court of the county in which such sale shall be made, and also filing with such collector an appointment of some citizen of said county as agent of said purchaser, and consenting that service of process on such agent shall give such court jurisdiction to try and determine any suit growing out of or connected with such sale for taxes'.

Subsequent Taxes. According to (Sec. 140.440 New Window) the purchaser of the tax lien certificate must pay all subsequent taxes 'that have accrued thereon since the issuance of said certificate' before 'being entitled to apply for deed'.

Furthermore, 'any purchaser that shall suffer a subsequent tax to become delinquent, such first purchaser shall forfeit all liens on such lands so purchased.'

A purchaser that permits 'a subsequent certificate to issue on the same property' will receive a notice instructing the investor to 'surrender said certificate' to the county tax collector. At that point the investor will receive what he or she paid to purchase 'shall be paid without interest to such holder of the certificate'.

Applying for Tax Deed. According to (Sec. 140.410 New Window) the purchaser must apply for a tax deed 'within two years from the date of said sale' of the tax lien certificate. Failure by the purchaser to apply for a tax deed within the time specified in Sec. 140.410 'the amount due such purchaser shall cease to be a lien on said lands so purchased so purchased as herein provided'.

Tax Sale Overbid. According to (Sec. 140.230.1 New Window) the tax sale overbid which represents the amount in excess of the delinquent taxes is transferred to the county and is held in trust for the term of (3) years for the owner or owners or their legal representatives. At the end of (3) three years, if such fund shall not be called for, then it shall become a permanent school fund of the county.

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Learn about Buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosures in Different Counties located in Missouri:

The following is a list of counties located in the state of Missouri. Tax Lien Certificates for properties located in the following counties are sold at Missouri county tax sales.

County/Municipality:  Population: 
Adair County, MO  24,977
Andrew County, MO  16,492
Atchison County, MO  6,430
Audrain County, MO  25,853
Barry County, MO  34,010
Barton County, MO  12,541
Bates County, MO  16,653
Benton County, MO  17,180
Bollinger County, MO  12,029
Boone County, MO  135,454
Buchanan County, MO  85,998
Butler County, MO  40,867
Caldwell County, MO  8,969
Callaway County, MO  40,766
Camden County, MO  37,051
Cape Girardeau County, MO  68,693
Carroll County, MO  10,285
Carter County, MO  5,941
Cass County, MO  82,092
Cedar County, MO  13,733
Chariton County, MO  8,438
Christian County, MO  54,285
Clark County, MO  7,416
Clay County, MO  184,006
Clinton County, MO  18,979
Cole County, MO  71,397
Cooper County, MO  16,670
Crawford County, MO  22,804
Dade County, MO  7,923
Dallas County, MO  15,661
Daviess County, MO  8,016
Dekalb County, MO  11,597
Dent County, MO  14,927
Douglas County, MO  13,084
Dunklin County, MO  33,155
Franklin County, MO  93,807
Gasconade County, MO  15,342
Gentry County, MO  6,861
Greene County, MO  240,391
Grundy County, MO  10,432
Harrison County, MO  8,850
Henry County, MO  21,997
Hickory County, MO  8,940
Holt County, MO  5,351
Howard County, MO  10,212
Howell County, MO  37,238
Iron County, MO  10,697
Jackson County, MO  654,880
Jasper County, MO  104,686
Jefferson County, MO  198,099
Johnson County, MO  48,258
Knox County, MO  4,361
Laclede County, MO  32,513
Lafayette County, MO  32,960
Lawrence County, MO  35,204
Lewis County, MO  10,494
Lincoln County, MO  38,944
Linn County, MO  13,754
Livingston County, MO  14,558
Macon County, MO  15,762
Madison County, MO  11,800
Maries County, MO  8,903
Marion County, MO  28,289
Mcdonald County, MO  21,681
Mercer County, MO  3,757
Miller County, MO  23,564
Mississippi County, MO  13,427
Moniteau County, MO  14,827
Monroe County, MO  9,311
Montgomery County, MO  12,136
Morgan County, MO  19,309
New Madrid County, MO  19,760
Newton County, MO  52,636
Nodaway County, MO  21,912
Oregon County, MO  10,344
Osage County, MO  13,062
Ozark County, MO  9,542
Pemiscot County, MO  20,047
Perry County, MO  18,132
Pettis County, MO  39,403
Phelps County, MO  39,825
Pike County, MO  18,351
Platte County, MO  73,781
Polk County, MO  26,992
Pulaski County, MO  41,165
Putnam County, MO  5,223
Ralls County, MO  9,626
Randolph County, MO  24,663
Ray County, MO  23,354
Reynolds County, MO  6,689
Ripley County, MO  13,509
Saline County, MO  23,756
Schuyler County, MO  4,170
Scotland County, MO  4,983
Scott County, MO  40,422
Shannon County, MO  8,324
Shelby County, MO  6,799
St. Charles County, MO  283,883
St. Clair County, MO  9,652
St. Francois County, MO  55,641
St. Louis City County, MO  348,189
St. Louis County, MO  1,016,315
Ste. Genevieve County, MO  17,842
Stoddard County, MO  29,705
Stone County, MO  28,658
Sullivan County, MO  7,219
Taney County, MO  39,703
Texas County, MO  23,003
Vernon County, MO  20,454
Warren County, MO  24,525
Washington County, MO  23,344
Wayne County, MO  13,259
Webster County, MO  31,045
Worth County, MO  2,382
Wright County, MO  17,955

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State:     Population: 
Alabama    5,108,468
Alaska    733,406
Arizona    7,431,344
Arkansas    3,067,732
California    38,965,193
Colorado    5,877,610
Connecticut    3,617,176
Delaware    1,031,890
Florida    22,610,726
Georgia    11,029,227
Hawaii    1,435,138
Idaho    1,964,726
Illinois    12,549,689
Indiana    6,862,199
Iowa    3,207,004
Kansas    2,940,546
Kentucky    4,526,154
Louisiana    4,573,749
Maine    1,395,722
Maryland    6,180,253
Massachusetts    7,001,399
Michigan    10,037,261
Minnesota    5,737,915
Mississippi    2,939,690
Missouri    6,196,156
Montana    1,132,812
Nebraska    1,978,379
Nevada    3,194,176
New Hampshire    1,402,054
New Jersey    9,290,841
New Mexico    2,114,371
New York    19,571,216
North Carolina    10,835,491
North Dakota    783,926
Ohio    11,785,935
Oklahoma    4,053,824
Oregon    4,233,358
Pennsylvania    12,961,683
Rhode Island    1,095,962
South Carolina    5,373,555
South Dakota    919,318
Tennessee    7,126,489
Texas    30,503,301
Utah    3,417,734
Vermont    647,464
Virginia    8,715,698
Washington    7,812,880
West Virginia    1,770,071
Wisconsin    5,910,955
Wyoming    584,057