Information on Buying Oklahoma Tax Lien Certificates and Earning High-Interest Fixed By State Law

Oklahoma county treasurer's and tax collector's sell tax lien certificates to the winning bidder at the delinquent property tax sale. In addition, Oklahoma sells tax deeds.

Tax Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificates (68-3111 New Window) and Tax Deeds (68-3135 New Window)

Contact: County Tax Collector Sec. 68-3108 (A) New Window)

Interest Rate: 8% per annum (Sec. 68-3113 New Window)

Penalty Rate: None

Bid Procedure: Random selection or 'impartial drawing' (Sec. 68-3108 (A) New Window)

Redemption Period: Two (2) years (Sec. 68-3117 (b) New Window)

Law: Title 68, Article 31, "Delinquent Taxes and Collection." New Window

Additional Notes:

Multiple Tax Sales: As far as Oklahoma is concerned, at 8% per annum it doesn't provide the biggest rate of return. However, it does keep the competition down.

The Oklahoma tax sale process can be a bit confusing but I'll do my best to make sense of it. First you should know that Oklahoma has three tax sales;

  • Tax Sale
  • Resales and
  • County Commissioners Sales
  • The "Tax Sale" is held each year on the first Monday in October (Sec. 68-3107 New Window). The winning bidder receives a tax lien certificate which draws interest at 8% per annum subject to a 2 year redemption period.

    Any tax lien not sold at the "Tax Sale" is assigned to the county and can be purchased over the counter anytime prior to the expiration of the 2 year redemption period (Sec. 68-3108 New Window).

    The "Resale" or second buying opportunity includes properties which remain unredeemed for a period of two years from the date of the sale..." (Sec. 68-3125 New Window) and occurs the second Monday of June each year. The winning bidder will receive a treasurers or tax deed. Any propery not sold at the "Resale" will be struck off to the county.

    The "County Commissioners Sale" or third buying opportunity includes properties not sold at either the "tax sale" or the "resale". At the county commissioner sale "Properties are sold by the treasurer at a price approved by the county commissioners" (Sec. 68-3135 New Window).

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    Learn about Buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosures in Different Counties located in Oklahoma:

    The following is a list of counties located in the state of Oklahoma. Tax Lien Certificates for properties located in the following counties are sold at Oklahoma county tax sales.

    County/Municipality:  Population: 
    Adair County, OK  21,038
    Alfalfa County, OK  6,105
    Atoka County, OK  13,879
    Beaver County, OK  5,857
    Beckham County, OK  19,799
    Blaine County, OK  11,976
    Bryan County, OK  36,534
    Caddo County, OK  30,150
    Canadian County, OK  87,697
    Carter County, OK  45,621
    Cherokee County, OK  42,521
    Choctaw County, OK  15,342
    Cimarron County, OK  3,148
    Cleveland County, OK  208,016
    Coal County, OK  6,031
    Comanche County, OK  114,996
    Cotton County, OK  6,614
    Craig County, OK  14,950
    Creek County, OK  67,367
    Custer County, OK  26,142
    Delaware County, OK  37,077
    Dewey County, OK  4,743
    Ellis County, OK  4,075
    Garfield County, OK  57,813
    Garvin County, OK  27,210
    Grady County, OK  45,516
    Grant County, OK  5,144
    Greer County, OK  6,061
    Harmon County, OK  3,283
    Harper County, OK  3,562
    Haskell County, OK  11,792
    Hughes County, OK  14,154
    Jackson County, OK  28,439
    Jefferson County, OK  6,818
    Johnston County, OK  10,513
    Kay County, OK  48,080
    Kingfisher County, OK  13,926
    Kiowa County, OK  10,227
    Latimer County, OK  10,692
    Leflore County, OK  48,109
    Lincoln County, OK  32,080
    Logan County, OK  33,924
    Love County, OK  8,831
    Major County, OK  7,545
    Marshall County, OK  13,184
    Mayes County, OK  38,369
    Mcclain County, OK  27,740
    Mccurtain County, OK  34,402
    Mcintosh County, OK  19,456
    Murray County, OK  12,623
    Muskogee County, OK  69,451
    Noble County, OK  11,411
    Nowata County, OK  10,569
    Okfuskee County, OK  11,814
    Oklahoma County, OK  660,448
    Okmulgee County, OK  39,685
    Osage County, OK  44,437
    Ottawa County, OK  33,194
    Pawnee County, OK  16,612
    Payne County, OK  68,190
    Pittsburg County, OK  43,953
    Pontotoc County, OK  35,143
    Pottawatomie County, OK  65,521
    Pushmataha County, OK  11,667
    Roger Mills County, OK  3,436
    Rogers County, OK  70,641
    Seminole County, OK  24,894
    Sequoyah County, OK  38,972
    Stephens County, OK  43,182
    Texas County, OK  20,107
    Tillman County, OK  9,287
    Tulsa County, OK  563,299
    Wagoner County, OK  57,491
    Washington County, OK  48,996
    Washita County, OK  11,508
    Woods County, OK  9,089
    Woodward County, OK  18,486

    Learn about Buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Foreclosures in Different States Across The United States:

    Learn more about each State's individual delinquent tax sale process for tax lien certificates, tax deeds and tax foreclosures by clicking on the name of the state for which you are interested from the list below:

    State:     Population: 
    Alabama    5,108,468
    Alaska    733,406
    Arizona    7,431,344
    Arkansas    3,067,732
    California    38,965,193
    Colorado    5,877,610
    Connecticut    3,617,176
    Delaware    1,031,890
    Florida    22,610,726
    Georgia    11,029,227
    Hawaii    1,435,138
    Idaho    1,964,726
    Illinois    12,549,689
    Indiana    6,862,199
    Iowa    3,207,004
    Kansas    2,940,546
    Kentucky    4,526,154
    Louisiana    4,573,749
    Maine    1,395,722
    Maryland    6,180,253
    Massachusetts    7,001,399
    Michigan    10,037,261
    Minnesota    5,737,915
    Mississippi    2,939,690
    Missouri    6,196,156
    Montana    1,132,812
    Nebraska    1,978,379
    Nevada    3,194,176
    New Hampshire    1,402,054
    New Jersey    9,290,841
    New Mexico    2,114,371
    New York    19,571,216
    North Carolina    10,835,491
    North Dakota    783,926
    Ohio    11,785,935
    Oklahoma    4,053,824
    Oregon    4,233,358
    Pennsylvania    12,961,683
    Rhode Island    1,095,962
    South Carolina    5,373,555
    South Dakota    919,318
    Tennessee    7,126,489
    Texas    30,503,301
    Utah    3,417,734
    Vermont    647,464
    Virginia    8,715,698
    Washington    7,812,880
    West Virginia    1,770,071
    Wisconsin    5,910,955
    Wyoming    584,057